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"Doing Nothing Changes Nothing" - St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney, James Brown

Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney James Brown’s Journey with America’s Premier Experts

Missouri attorney James R. Brown was selected as one of America’s top 20 premier experts for 2009. As the only bankruptcy attorney selected in this elite nationwide group, James was chosen for his 16 years of experience with helping over 30,000 families get relief from debt.
James was featured in many publications for his selection as part of America’s Premier Experts including the Wall Street Journal , in which he offers help to small businesses and entrepreneurs during this tough economy, and USA Today. His best tip was this:

In a changing economy, it’s time to get lean and mean. Big business does it all the time, but consumers should do the same. Eliminate debt, restructure your budget and make some sacrifices until the economy improves. Don’t overlook bankruptcy protection as the most powerful tool in your toolbox to help position yourself to get through tough times.

He was also featured in Newsweek and asked to give his best tip on success in the new economy. James’ response was,

No matter what the state of the economy, success starts with deciding first in your mind what it is you want to achieve, then focusing on that goal until it becomes a burning desire and occupies every thought you have.

James also co-authored a book, Shift Happens, with the rest of America’s Premier Experts. It is a guide for the average American to survive and thrive in the current economy. Since the release, it has been a major hit, reaching the best-seller list for Direct Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Communications categories. James’ chapter focused on the plight of the small business man and how to structure a business to better protect the owner if things go badly. The chapter was titled “Getting Past Debt: Regroup, Restructure, Rebuild!” He gives a new hope to business owners that are dedicated to following their dream.

You can order your very own copy of Shift Happens by visiting Borders or Amazon online.

James was also interview on “The Next Big Thing Radio Show,” and, most recently, he was interviewed on national television. His interview premiered on ABC, NBC, and Fox. See the interview above.

James R. Brown
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