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YP Holdings Expected to Make Layoffs, Do You Know What to do In the Case of Job Loss?

YP Holdings, the company that delivers the yellow pages to your front door, is cutting 120 jobs in the metro St. Louis area.  Of those positions, 92 will be union jobs and the rest will be management positions.

Many of the employees affected by the job cuts were notified in November of 2012.

Despite the shock of losing your job, life keeps going. Your bills can easily stack up, your children still need to be fed, and you still have to pay rent or a mortgage. All of these costs have to be planned for and with a layoff that can seem impossible.  In my experience as a Missouri bankruptcy attorney, this is why so many people have found themselves in overwhelming amounts of debt just months or even weeks after a job loss.

Major life changes, like a layoff, are the reason that Missouri bankruptcy was created.  Your Missouri bankruptcy attorney is prepared to help you through this major life event and get you back on the right track with a fresh start. The best way to find out if bankruptcy is right for you is to take a close look at your finances and to talk to a lawyer like James Brown at Castle Law Office.

But before you talk to any Missouri bankruptcy attorney, sign any forms or speak with a bill collector, you need to read my book “Get Out of Debt: Secrets Your Creditors Don’t Want You to Know.”It’s FREE for you, you can download it right now and we will place a hard copy in the mail. I wish you luck as you work through this job market in search of relief after your YP layoff. If you have already experienced a layoff, we have information to help you as well.  My free layoff report tells you the best things you can do for yourself and your family after a layoff. To receive my free layoff report, just fill out your contact information below.


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