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"Doing Nothing Changes Nothing" - St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney, James Brown

Client Reviews and Testimonials for Our St Louis Bankruptcy Law Firm

No one can tell you more about how we work and what we accomplish here at Castle Law better than our clients. Below, read client reviews and comments regarding their experience navigating the bankruptcy process in Missouri and Illinois with the help of our experienced and compassionate attorneys.

"Everyone was helpful, clean environment, just all around nice to work with."

-Willie P., St. Louis, MO

"The entire staff went above and beyond to assist me. Castle Law is very professionally run."

-Larry M.

"Castle Law is a good starting point if your lookng for a fresh start. The staff is willing to help you on the first visit without having paid money to the company! The day my car was repo'ed, Dan gave me hop that I would get it back. Even though I didn't have my first payment, he gave me time to bring it in."

-Shonata W., Belleville, IL

"They are very professional and courteous."

-Frank V.

"I would definitely recommend Castle Law, it is the best firm in the state of Missouri. they are a firm you can trust."

-Arthur T. Florrisant, MO.

"The service at Castle Law is excellent and I would definitely recommend to friends, etc. James Brown is an expert."

-Maggie W. St. Louis, MO.

"They were very helpful and knowledgeable. Everyone was very friendly."

-Jeff J. O'Fallon, MO.

"The best part about James Brown's service is how comfortable he makes you feel. Castle Law is a good place to go."

-Andrew D. De Soto, MO.

"I like that you use technology to make you accessible. You have a courteous staff."

-Vincent W. St. Louis, MO.

"Everyone is very nice and polite! Treated us like we are human."

-Louis S. Elsberry, MO.

"Everyone at Castle Law is great! If you are thinking about hiring James Brown, do it! He will work hard and explain everything to you. You will feel great!"

-Tamara A. St. Louis, MO.

"Use Castle Law. They are to the point and don't keep you waiting at appointments. The best part about their services is they are very thorough and provide you with a convenient location and time."

-Fannie F. St. Louis, MO.

"I never felt ashamed at Castle Law, they have a very friendly staff. They make the process very easy."
-Lawrence J.

"The staff at Castle Law is fast, friendly and helpful. Bankruptcy is a scary process, but they made it all simple to understand."
-Latosha A.

"The best thing about the services at Castle Law is the staff is very considerate and understanding, very easy to work with, and made the whole experience comfortable."

Jack B. Crystal City, MO

"James Brown is an expert at what he does, I would definitely refer him"

Tina P. St. Louis, MO

"I liked everything about the services at Castle Law, everyone was always pleasant. I highly recommend this firm"

Chris F. St. Louis, MO.

"The best things about James Brown's service are the positive attitudes and strong knowledge. The staff at Castle Law is passionate, gets to the point, have excellent people skills, explanatory (give great bankruptcy knowledge), and help people understand."
-Steven P.

"Everyone went above and beyond to assist me, and everything was explained very well. Best attorney ever."
-Jerome P.

"Castle Law is the most professional group I have ever dealt with. They took a very stressful situation and made it as easy as possible. From day one, I was treated professionally! Everything was handled smoothly."
-Jennifer M.

"Castle Law has a friendly and helpful staff, and they get the job done!"
-Sereeta L.

"I had been to two other law firms and it was either very expensive or the paperwork was very extensive. At Castle it was very simple and all my options were explained very well."
-Cassandra B.

"James brown is the very best at his job, very kind and honest about the advice that was given to me."
-Chandra H.

"The knowledge base of your support staff was above par. The people here enjoy helping others start over."
-Michael J.

"Everyone was professional, friendly and very helpful and I did not feel as if I was being judged harshly for making this decision. Helpful in all aspects of completing records."
-Carla S.

"From the moment I first arrived I have felt confident that my case would be handled properly."
-Richard C.

"A very fast, organized, and courteous way to file a bankruptcy"
-Jaron N

"I decided to hire you because I had been with you before. I like how the staff is friendly and nice. James Brown provides very good service"
-Victoria T

"The best thing I like about Castle Law is the friendliness and reassurance.  They are all very friendly and understanding, patient, honest, and always there for you for anything."
-Natalie S.

"Everyone at Castle Law understood that I was stressed and helped me through it, they listened well, and helped me in every way they could. The staff is great, they understand that during a stressful time in your life you sometimes need help."

"If you want a great lawyer/law firm, go to Castle Law! Everyone here is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. In addition, they are very informative and make sure you understand all of the information. I honestly feel like everyone that worked with me went above and beyond."
-E. Robinson

"Keep up the good work! Staff was so understanding in communication and also very knowledgeable!"
-Pamela B.

"Paralegal was very professional and polite, knew what he was talking about. The staff is very punctual and professional."
-Gerald H.

The employees and attorneys at Castle Law take the time to answer your questions. They're down-to-earth, REAL, people who truly know their business. Dan, Vanessa, and Corinne did a great job of explaining everything with good attitutes, and easy to talk with. Considering I'm here to file bankruptcy I thought I would be looked down upon, but that was never the case.
-Teresa O.

"The staff at Castle Law firm made an uncomfortable situation relatively easy. I was treated courteously by everyone, If you are considering bankruptcy, give them a call."
-Tracy S.

"If you are thinking about hiring Castle Law, they are very kind and professional, and won't make you wait for hours to see and talk to them"
-James S.

"Great Service - Great Job!"
-The Thomas's

"Dan was fantastic, he listened, answered all my questions in a polite and understanding manor. I never felt embarrassed or at a loss. He was consistent competent and empathetic at all times. I would certainly recommend Castle, their staff is competent, punctual, flexible and capable."

"I decided to hire Castle Law because they were very informative. I was given all my options and told to think about it, not just told to sign here and pay that. They are a very helpful and pleasant staff. No matter who you meet with they were all very nice and considerate. This is a firm where you get everything you pay for and then some."
-Abby M.

"If you are thinking about hiring Castle Law, they are the best!!"
-Sabrina F.

"The employees at Castle Law are all very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and patient. They are all there to assist you in everyway they can and are very good at what they do."
-Jennifer M.

"Everyone at Castle Law was great. I wasn't treated like just another number. Everyone seemed concerned and willing to help. Jon was awesome, he walked me through the filing process, court date, and life after filing."
-Tiffany M.

"The attorneys at Castle Law are very professional and knowledgeable, I would personally recommend them to anyone that needs them. Each and every person I talked to and dealt with were all so nice, courteous and compassionate."
-Beatrice K.

"Fast and efficient!"
-Kristine F.

"Everyone went above and beyond to assist me."
-Lisa M.

"The staff at Castle Law is always so professional and made me feel at ease with this very difficult process. Dan was very professional and helpful, he made things very easy for me."

-David E.

"If you are thinking about hiring Castle Law, they are very prompt and attentive to everything."

-Dawn P.

"The people at Castle Law are very nice, provide plenty of instructions and details of how to provide information that the need to assist you appropriately. Galen spend a lot of time to answer my questions, and Laura was very nice and accomodating. They're willing to answer any questions you may have. They are very knowledgeable about the business and you will leave with a sense of relief. Thank you very much for providing your service!!"

-Sylvia R.

"Castle Law was always able to answer question I had, if you are seriously considering bankruptcy, this is the law office you want to talk to."
-Anthony A.

"On my very first meeting, they were very understanding, knowledgeable and seemed concerned about my financial state and well-being. They helped ease some, if not all of my worries about bankruptcy. He did not rush me through the process, and I think that stood out the most."
-Angela W.

"Kristie and Laura went above and beyond to answer all my questions, Castle Law has good customer service."
-Ashley C.

"If you are thinking about hiring James Brown, he will be able to assist you in anyway. The staff was very helpful in helping me with my wage garnishments."

-Alex D.

Very prompt, polite and professional service. They can get you in and out, let you know just what you need, and how to get it.
-Sherre H.

"The Service was above and beyond what I expected. I would use Castle Law again if I needed an attorney." -Constance H.

"Your staff is very informative. They went out of their way to make sure we were filed in time to stop a pending judgment. I would definitely recommend Castle Law." --Ryan and Michelle M.

“You and your staff are friendly, understanding, kind, and very helpful. You won’t steer [anyone] down the wrong path and [you] present options and opinions on what would help me the best.”—Jeffrey B.

“You had been in my shoes so you know what we are going through. You all just ‘get it.’ You care about us. We matter as people not just as money. [You are] caring people. [You] relieve all stress.” –Linda H.

My financial situation went from bad to worse and the previous attorney [had] given me bad advice. He wouldn’t return my calls. [Castle Law] makes you feel like you are their only client. Even though I felt like I was being a pest, everyone was eager to answer my questions.—Angelina G.

“I wanted the best representation I could find. [Castle was] definitely worth the time and money.” –William B.

“…Your office is thorough and professional and you can help [anyone] get their lives back in order.” Shelly S.

“[I was concerned about] how to pay for bills after my repossession and when the [creditors] calls would turn into threats and lawsuits. [You] took the time to explain the facts and options. Castle Law is something nice when certain situations are not.” Jeffrey K.

“Please—don’t wait another minute to see Castle Law.” –Naomi C.

“We wanted to keep the house and cars and still be able to pay our household bills, health insurance, and simply buy groceries. When [I met with you all], I went to the grocery store with my next paycheck and finally got what I really wanted. I would tell someone who was thinking about hiring you to check you out. The first consultation is free and it doesn’t hurt because all the information is helpful.”—Kimberly L.

“Castle Law is the best. They really put your mind at ease. They don’t rush you; they take their time…I would recommend them to everyone.”—Barbara H.

“Call right away—they get things done!”-Nancy W.

“I would tell [someone thinking about hiring Castle] how professional, friendly, and eager to help their clients and potential clients the staff at Castle Law Office is.”—Denise Y.

“Whenever I called, I got a response and was treated with respect. [I] was having a bad day and Ryan made me feel welcome.” –Romey A. St. Louis, MO

“Go to the website, read the bankruptcy options, and make the call.” –John D.

“[You] will be satisfied with knowing they have someone knowledgeable and able to give good guidance in [your] situation.” –Jerome G. Alton, IL.

“You need to call them. They are honest, friendly, and willing to help no matter what the circumstances.”

-Michelle R.

“I was tired of trying to deal with my financial situation. Everyone has been very helpful, has answered every question, and given direction each step of the way.” –Mary B. St. Louis, MO

“The payment plan was as flexible as I needed it to be and the firm met my overall financial needs. It worked for me and I know it worked for my sister and my cousin before me.”

Quanetta B.
St. Louis, MO

“Your team seemed to be extremely thorough, considerate, and helpful—we’d recommend your services to anyone asking. I appreciate being treated as a person that’s experiencing life and not someone that’s trying to get by with this.”
Kathleen A.
St. Louis, MO

“You and your staff are highly trained professionals who are very good at what they do, especially when it comes to taking the scariness out of going to a lawyer for the first time.” –Michael K. Hazelwood, MO

"They give you a true understanding of your bankruptcy and have many people to help you."
Arverose G.
St. Louis, MO

"I needed help with my debts. You were very friendly and made me feel comfortable about filing. I was nervous and scared but the process wasn't long at all!"
Perditia F.

I want to thank all of you for making it so comfortable & easy for me getting through chapter 7 bankruptcy.  I will never forget all your kindness & making me feel that I would get through it all.  I received a letter telling me my debt was discharged.  God bless all of you.  It is good to have peace of mind & will never get in that problem again & can live the remaining years in peace.  Thank you again & God bless you all.

                                                                                                                                       Shirely H.
                                                                                                                                       St. Louis, MO

"Thank you first for doing what you do to help me, a single parent, as well as many other families.  Thank you for being the best at what you do.  I plan to have a cake shoppe and, like you, I plan to be the best cake decorator that Missouri has to offer.  Mr. Brown, I can't say thank you enough for all of your support and help from your great staff who made me feel that now my life can and will be better."-Brenda S., Florissant, MO

"Everyone in your firm was so helpful and made us feel so much better about our choice.  I can't say enough about Kristie, bless her heart.  She was so helpful, nice and prompt in returning my calls.  I tell people they will never be treated any better than you and your staff would make them feel, so go ahead and take this huge weight off your shoulders.  Thank you very much for all your help." -Wanda W, Arnold, MO

"I met with Jim Brown Friday and I have to say I was extremely impressed with both Jim and your entire organization. For him to take the time to meet with me to assuage my fears and any potential misunderstandings was extremely generous and quite appreciated. I will certainly be a customer for "life" and pass on my good feelings to all I meet who are in need of legal services. You have quite a "family" at Castle Law and I am glad I made the decision to retain your firm. Best to you and everyone and thanks for your help and consideration!" -Chris B.

"When I decided to come in to Castle Law I was worried about all of my past due bills and the garnishments on my bank account. I did not see any relief in sight, so I made an appointment to come in. Everyone in the office was very polite, and no one made me feel like a loser for being in this situation. Everything was explained to me thoroughly and I was not afraid to ask any questions. The firm itself is very thorough and polite, and everyone treats you with dignity. The more organized and complete my information was, the faster your office worked for me!"-Erica H.

"When I first came in to Castle Law, I was drowning in debt, worried about losing my new husband, and worried about not being able to support my kids. Everyone at Castle Law was very kind and helpful, and they looked out for what was best for my situation. Kristie and Patricia were both very helpful and extremely personable during a very stressful time. I will recommend Castle Law to anyone in a situation similar to mine. They made me feel better about curing my problems right away."--Loretta G.

"When I came in to Castle Law, I was worried about not being able to get out of debt. Galen put my mind at ease about my debt, and told me what I should do to have a better financial future.  Castle Law works wonders, miracles, to make sure your debt is covered and to educate you about life after bankruptcy. Your services are outstanding!" --Suqueta H.

"I decided to hire Castle Law because I was treated with the utmost respect the minute I walked in the door. You didn't look down on me for my age or financial status. You made me feel very comfortable, and explained everything step-by-step. Kristie had a great attitude and helped me get through the whole process. Castle Law has an awesome atmosphere and helps you walk through the entire process, hiring you was an awesome decision!"--Jeffrey F.

"I listened to your telephone recording and found it to be very informative, so I set up a free consultation. When I first came in I was embarassed to talk about my bills, but your service is very personable and you answered all the questions I had. Kristie was very courteous, knowledgable, and didn't rush me through the process. Castle Law offers the best services, and helps you make a good decision as to what you can do when you get in way over your head."
--Karen J.

"I came in to Castle Law because I was worried about losing my house and cars, and not being able to pay all of my bills. Your personnel was all very personable and responsive. I was terrified when I first came in, but Galen took away a lot of my fears. Kristie responded to my calls quickly, and gave me the time I needed to get my questions answered. I was very pleased with my experience at Castle Law Office."--Pat M.

"I hired Castle Law Office because I was in way over my head financially, and I needed professional help. I was worried about losing my house and not having the money to pay all of my bills. Castle Law Firm was very professional, and Kristie helped to calm my fears, even after receiving over 40 letters regarding the foreclosure date of my home. I would highly recommend Castle Law to anyone in need of help."--Karen S.

"When I came in to Castle Law I felt I had nowhere to go. I was under a lot of stress and I needed something to help me get my life back in order. The entire staff at Castle Law made filing bankruptcy a pleasant experience. The staff makes you feel comfortable and not intimidated, and listens to you with understanding and a true care for your situation. Your service is excellent, and I hope you continue to help people figure out that there really is a life without stress and worry."--Joyce I.

"Our main concern when coming to Castle Law was our debts. We were worried about how we could deal with all the problems we had at home, and how we could pay our bills. Once with met with your consultant, we felt your people were truthful and honest to us in our time of need. Linda was extremely nice and helpful with setting up our appointment, and Kristie was super nice and answered all of our questions. We felt 100% better after our first visit. God bless you all for being so nice, courteous, truthful and honest and helping us with our situation."--Stephen & Tammy J.

"I needed to get my life back in order and I was afraid my car was going to be repossessed, so I decided to come in to Castle Law Office. Kristie explained everything in terms I could understand, and Patricia was so sweet, cheerful, and pleasant to be around. Castle Law works to help you keep the things that matter. They are like a burst of wind blowing the black clouds away, Castle Law is my shot at a new life. Thanks!"--Carolyn M.

"The staff at Castle Law was very nice to me and others. They show concern about mine, and everyone's case. Danielle made me feel important because I lost hope with attorneys due to a loss a few years ago. She was very honest with me and helpful. Castle Law makes you feel like there is still hope. The staff was VERY nice. They went through everything with me. They told me if anything goes wrong I can call for help. Castle Law showed concern about my case and made me feel like a customer, not just a number! Now I can start my life over again!"--Gerline B.

"Castle Law is a non-intimidating, non-judgmental, friendly environment. Castle Law has knowledgable workers who seek to understand your situation while helping you understand the legality behind that situation.  They really seem to care about you as a person, a good person...not anything less. "--Glenn D.

"In the beginning we were worried about losing our house and car. You told us we would not lose either one, and you put us at ease. Linda is very nice and funny, Paul is very helpful and understanding, Kristie and Shawn are very good at what they do, and Danielle explained everything to us to help put us at ease. Castle Law Office offers a fast and friendly service, with people that really listen to your needs and help you get through the process."--Keith & Tracy J.

"Kristie and the rest of the staff were and are very helpful. They made me feel safe and comfortable about the decision I was making. Kristie is and was very patient with me and did her best to relieve some of my stress about my decision. The firm is very helpful, very honest and did their best to assist me with my financial problems. I have great appreciation for all of their help and their warm, friendly attitudes."--Lisa L.

"Filing bankruptcy is a very scary and stressful thing to go through, and your staff at Castle Law is non-judgmental, very caring, compassionate, and understanding. Kristie answered all of my questions when I called, and was very understanding when I had to change an appointment due to a snow storm. I think you all do a wonderful job, and your expertise puts everyone at ease."--Linda B.

"I recently had a legal issue that brought me to Castle Law. Kristie was very helpful. She clearly explained everything to me, she answered all of my questions, and she responded to my phone calls very quickly. This was an extremely difficult time for me, and Kristie did all that she could to make the process managable."--Alice G.

"Castle Law Office is very informative and helpful to each individual's needs and problems. They talk to you as a person and the staff is very down to earth, logical, cool and happy. The staff at Castle Law gave me the courage I needed to face my financial issues. I wish I could run a business as smooth as yours with such a great staff!"--Diane M.

"At Castle Law Office, everything was explained to us thoroughly and in great detail. They were there to answer any questions we had. Everything they did for me went beyond the care for our case. Castle Law Office is excellent in helping their clients, and they are there to help you with all that you need."--Richard & Nancy A.

"When we first came in we were afraid of losing our home. Castle Law was genuinely concerned about our situation, and helped us understand all the options and solutions we had. Kristie was very nice and understanding through the entire process. Castle Law is complete and concise and makes the process more easy to understand. Beautiful job."
--Donald & Sandra J.

"Castle Law Office is fast, professional, detailed, and makes sure everything is explained thoroughly. Kristie was very professional and knowledgable, and also very courteous and reassuring. I would share my experience with anyone thinking about filing bankruptcy, and most definitely recommend their services."--Wanda E.

"I received a recommendation that your office was efficient, friendly and business savvy.  Before I came in, I was very concerned about our excessive debt, inability to meet our financial obligations and a past due IRS debt.  Your staff is very friendly, and accessible and aids in resolution of client concerns.  I like the informal, but professional atmosphere! 

Your paralegal, Shawn, has always been helpful and has answered any questions, no matter how insignificant.  When I came into the office, I thought we couldn't be helped, but to my total surprise, you lifted a great weight from our life!  I would tell anyone to hire you. . .your vast experience is amazing.  I guarantee you will be satisfied and your worries will be gone!"--Harry & LaMischa T, Florissant, MO

"I was concerned that I would be "taken" and overcharged, that I'd be looked down upon because of my financial situation and I wondered if you had enough experience or your advertising was overrated.  The thing I liked best about Castle Law Office was your competence, compassion and your services were delivered as promised.  Your staff kept crunching the number and re-checking and never gave up on me.  If someone were to ask me about hiring Castle Law Office, I would tell them to do it.  I completely trust and have total confidence in Castle Law.  I feel like they have my back."--Margaret M, Swansea, IL

“I appreciate your caring and attention to make things better for me through your firm.  And I cannot believe that Mr. Brown called me personally to talk to me about my issues.  He was honest, didn’t hurry me along, and appeared he would spend an hour talking to me if needed.  You and Mr. Brown made me feel like I was your most important client.  I appreciate your compassion and Mr. Brown treating me so kindly when his time is so precious.  He gave me direction, focus and hope.  Thank you for helping me.”--Rita T, St. Louis, MO

“I wanted to take time out to say thank you for all of your help and assistance with me filing bankruptcy.  It’s good to know that there is a firm such as Castle Law and people like yourself who are prompt, customer service oriented, honest, knowledgeable, affordable and that dedicate their time to helping others get out of debt and back on track.  Keep up all of your good work and God will continue to bless you.  Thanks again to you and Castle Law”--Marvin F, St. Louis, MO

“I thought I was too late and I would lose my home.  Your staff was very patient with me and always happy, kind and very polite.  They answered all of my questions, even if silly and didn’t have an attitude about it.  Your firm is the best to go to even though there are firms that have lower rates because you get the job done, it’s legal and it’s fast.  Most importantly, I am stress free, can sleep at night and have a clean start.”--Marguerite W, Florissant, MO

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Do you know how filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help improve your financial situation? You have probably heard many myths about bankruptcy, such as "you will lose everything." That is definitely not the case as long as you retain the services of an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Are you worried you will lose the home or vehicle you've worked so hard for because of foreclosure or repossession? A chapter 13 may just be the answer you are looking for to help you quickly save your home or vehicle from being taken.


Wage Garnishment

Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment can make tough times even worse. If you are being affected by garnishments and cannot provide for your family, call us today. We can show you how to get your life back on track.

Debt Collection Abuse

Debt Collection Abuse

If you're getting harassing phone calls from debt collectors at all hours of the day and night, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) gives you a way to stop them. The FDCPA gives you the right to sue collection agencies for up to $1,000 in statutory damages, plus actual damages and no attorney fees.



If you haven’t been able to make car payments due to financial reasons beyond your control, we can stop the Repo Man and help you keep your car. Call us today for a free consultation.



Millions of Americans continue to lose their homes due to foreclosure. If your family is facing foreclosure in St. Louis and risks living on the street, contact our Missouri bankruptcy law firm today. We can help!

Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt

Struggling to pay credit card bills? Not answering the phone because you're tired of hearing from bill collectors? Need options? Contact St. Louis attorney Jim Brown to learn how filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Missouri may be able to help. It's time to take your life back and stop the harassing phone calls from creditors today.

Medical Bills

Medical Bills

Unexpected medical bills can ruin your financial future. If you’ve been suffering under the stress of medical debt, there are options for relief that can keep your family at home without losing everything. Our St. Louis bankruptcy law firm has helped numerous people get rid of debt from medical bills.

Job Loss

Job Loss

Have your hours been cut back because business has been slow or, even worse, have you lost your job? Don’t know how you’re going to pay your bills? Keep a roof over your head? We can help you get your life back. Contact a St. Louis job loss lawyer at Castle Law Office today to learn how filing bankruptcy can help you after loss of employment.

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